Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming at Stanford 2000

(Book of Student Papers from John Koza's Course at Stanford on Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming)

This page contains links to PDF files for the papers written by students describing their term projects in John Koza’s course on genetic algorithms and genetic programming at Stanford University (CS 426 / BMI 226) in Winter 2000 quarter.

This volume is in the Mathematics and Computer Science Library in the Main Quad at Stanford University.

These papers are available in book form from the Stanford University Bookstore by calling 650-329-1217 or 800-533-2670 or by writing Stanford Bookstore, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305-3079 USA. The E-Mail address of the bookstore for mail orders is  Be sure to refer to "Custom Publishing" when ordering these items to avoid confusion and to mention the ISBN number (or Stanford Bookstore order number), the exact title.


Using a Genetic Algorithm to Select Beam Configurations for Radiosurgery of the Brain by Neil Abernathy


Complimentary Selection as an Alternative Method for Population Reproduction by Zoe Abrams


Genetic Programming for Wafer Property Prediction After Plasma Enhanced Processing by Ashish Agarwal


Communicating Agents Developed with Genetic Programming by Magnus Almgren


Using the Genetic Algorithm with a Variable Length Genome for Architectural Synthesis by Brandon M. Bachman


SoccerBots: Evolving Intelligent Soccer Players by Dmitri Bobrovnikoff


Programmatic Compression of Video using Genetic Programming by Bradley J. Bozarth


Evaluation of Genetic Programming for Determining Reservoir Operating Rules by Elliott Campbell


Evolution of Game Playing Behavior: Using Genetic Programming to Create Players for Net Hack

by Alexander P. Carobus



A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Discovering an Optimal Blackjack Strategy by James B. Caverlee


Development of a Computer Controller Players for Daleks using Genetic Programming by Daniel Chai


Grid-Based Trace Routing Using Evolutionary Methods by Edward K. Chien


Emergence of a Division of Labor in a Bee Colony by Shou-yen Choo


Structural Shape Optimization using a Genetic Algorithm by Steven L. Creighton


Co-Evolution of Populations of Chasers and Evaders that use Sonic Intensity and Interaural Time Difference

as Localization Cues by Brad Dolin



Evolution of Intelligent Task Prioritization in a Dynamic Randomly Updated Environment by Tobin Ehlis


The Evolution of Traffic Behavior Patterns on a Macroscopic Level by Matthew Flannery


Evolving a Program to Play Rock-Paper-Scissors by Patri Friedman


Estimation of Multiple Fundamental Frequencies in Audio Signals using a Genetic Algorithm by Guillermo Garcia


Tuning and Creation of Discrete Differentiators using Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming by Sean Gleason


Evolution of Communication Among Prey in a Hostile Environment by Aaron Greenfield


Context-Free Grammar Generation Using Genetic Programming by Binod Gupta


Regression on Petroleum Well Test Data with the Reservoir Model as a Parameter by Baris Guyaguler


Generating Hard Satisfiability Problems with Genetic Algorithms by Todd Han


Solving Satisfiability Problems with Genetic Algorithms by Stefan Harmeling


Genetically-Learned 7-Input Parity Function by an 8 x 8 FPGA by Sarah Harris


RF-LDMOSFET Modeling Using Genetic Algorithms by Choshu Ito


Dynamic Population Based Evolution using Genetic Programming by Dan B. Kroymann


Genetic Discovery of Solutions to the Broadside Game by Robert Kunz


Evolution of Oscillating Patterns in the Game of Life Using Genetic Algorithms by Roberta Kwok


Finding Solutions to the Knight's Tour Problem using Genetic Algorithms by Miler Lee


Development of Game-Playing Strategies in a Darwinistic Game Using Genetic Algorithms by David Liu


Automatic Creation of XML Document Conversion Scripts by Genetic Programming by Scott Martens


Adaptation of Internet Data Sending Algorithm by Emily McMilin


Co-Evolution of Communication in a Competitive Setting by Ido Milstein


Virtual Rodents: Discovery of Maze Exploration Solutions using Genetic Programming by Adam Phelps


Genetic Algorithms in Audio Compression by Webb Philips


Evolving Strategies for the Minesweeper Game using Genetic Programming by Stephen J. Rhee


Avoiding Collisions and Traffic James on the Highway - An Example of Optimizing Cooperative Behavior

by George Roumeliotis



Evolving Quantum Circuits using Genetic Programming by Ben I. P. Rubinstein


Evolving Neural Network Structures by Magnus Sandberg


Genetic Painter by Nicolas Scapel


The Scavenger Hunt: Evolving the Mobility of Distributed Java Objects by Todd Singleton


A Genetic Algorithm for Finding a Long Path in a Hamiltonian Graph by Siddharth Suri


Using a Genetic Algorithm to Generate Decoy Sets for Protein Structure Prediction by Michael Sykes


Co-Evolution of Predator and Prey using Genetic Programming by David Tannenbaum


Discovering Strategies for Solving a Number Puzzle using Genetic Programming by Yuliya Tarnikova


Genetic Algorithms Applied to the Traveling Salesman Problem by Hakara Tea


Search in Grid World using Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms by Jason Townsend


Speech Detection in Adverse Conditions using Genetic Programming by Vincent Vanhoucke


Scheduling of a Machining Cell using Genetic Algorithm by Jinlin Wang


Solving the 5-Tile Puzzle: An Exercise in Genetic Programming by John Wayland


Simultaneous Model Selection and Parameter Learning of Hidden Markov Model Using Genetic Programming

by Dik Kin Wong



A Data Switch Scheduling Algorithm Driven by Darwinian Seleciton by Brian Hang Wai Yang


Original Broom Balancer with Genetic Programming by Chia-Hao (Jack) Yu



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· Information about the 1992 book Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection, the 1994 book Genetic Programming II: Automatic Discovery of Reusable Programs, the 1999 book Genetic Programming III: Darwinian Invention and Problem Solving, and the 2003 book Genetic Programming IV: Routine Human-Competitive Machine Intelligence. Click here to read chapter 1 of Genetic Programming IV book in PDF format.

· For information on 3,198 papers (many on-line) on genetic programming (as of June 27, 2003) by over 900 authors, see William Langdon’s bibliography on genetic programming.

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