Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection

(Koza 1992)

840 pages

270 Illustrations

ISBN 0-262-11170-5

Available from The MIT Press

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The genetic programming paradigm provides a way to genetically breed a computer program to solve a wide variety of problems. Genetic programming starts with a population of randomly created computer programs and iteratively applies the Darwinian reproduction operation and the genetic crossover (sexual recombination) operation in order to breed better individual programs.

Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection describes and illustrates genetic programming with 81 examples from various fields.

Table of Contents

1   Introduction and Overview
2   Pervasiveness of the Problem of Program Induction
3   Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
4   The Representation Problem for Genetic Algorithms
5   Overview of Genetic Programming
6   Detailed Description of Genetic Programming
7   Four Introductory Examples of Genetic Programming
8   Amount of Processing Required to Solve a Problem
9   Nonrandomness of Genetic Programming
10  Symbolic Regression Q Error-Driven Evolution
11  Control Q Cost-Driven Evolution
12  Evolution of Emergent Behavior
13  Evolution of Subsumption
14  Entropy-Driven Evolution
15  Evolution of Strategy
16  Co-Evolution
17  Evolution of Classification
18  Iteration, Recursion, and Setting
19  Evolution of Constrained Syntactic Structures
20  Evolution of Building Blocks
21  Evolution of Hierarchies of Building Blocks
22  Parallelization of Genetic Programming
23  Ruggedness of Genetic Programming
24  Extraneous Variables and Functions
25  Operational Issues
26  Review of Genetic Programming
27  Comparison with Other Paradigms
28  Spontaneous Emergence of Self-Replicating and Self-Improving Computer Programs
29  Conclusions

Appendices contain simple software in Common LISP for implementing experiments in genetic programming.

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