Call for Book Proposals for Kluwer Book Series on Genetic Programming

The Kluwer book series on genetic programming will cover applications of genetic programming, theoretical foundations of genetic programming, technique extensions, implementation issues, and applications. It is the first (and only) collection of monographs, advanced texts, and edited collections to cover this rapidly growing field. In order to publish material that is timely and reflects the state of the art, the series will focus on books of relatively narrow scope and moderate length and will feature a very rapid publication schedule.


Genetic programming is a technique for automatically synthesizing computer programs to solve problems. Topics may include, but are not limited to design, control, classification, system identification, data mining, pattern recognition and image analysis, data and image compression, evolvable machine language, evolvable hardware, and automatic programming of multi-agent and distributed systems.


Books in the series include

· Genetic Programming and Data Structures: Genetic Programming + Data Structures = Automatic Programming! (Langdon 1998)

· Automatic Re-engineering of Software Using Genetic Programming (Ryan 1999)

· Data Mining Using Grammar Based Genetic Programming and Applications (Wong and Leung 2000)

· Grammatical Evolution: Evolutionary Automatic Programming in an Arbitrary Language (O’Neill and Ryan 2003)

· Genetic Programming IV. Routine Human-Competitive Machine Intelligence. (Koza, Keane, Streeter, Mydlowec, Yu, and Lanza 2003)

· Genetic Programming: Theory and Practice (Riolo and Worzel 2003)


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Prospective Authors:

If you have an idea for a book which would fit in this series, we would welcome the opportunity to review your proposal. Should you wish to discuss any potential idea for a project further or receive specific information regarding our book proposal requirements, please contact either John Koza or Melissa Fearon. A short biography is helpful in evaluating a proposal.

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Kluwer Book Series on Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation

David E. Goldberg is the consulting editor for the book series on genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation book series from Kluwer Academic Publishers. Visit

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· Information about the 1992 book Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection, the 1994 book Genetic Programming II: Automatic Discovery of Reusable Programs, the 1999 book Genetic Programming III: Darwinian Invention and Problem Solving, and the 2003 book Genetic Programming IV: Routine Human-Competitive Machine Intelligence. Click here to read chapter 1 of Genetic Programming IV book in PDF format.

· 3,440 published papers on genetic programming (as of November 28, 2003) in a searchable bibliography (with many on-line versions of papers) by over 880 authors maintained by William Langdon’s and Steven M. Gustafson.

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