Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming at Stanford 1998

(Book of Student Papers from John Koza's Course at Stanford on Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming)

This page contains links to PDF files for the papers written by students describing their term projects in John Koza’s course on genetic algorithms and genetic programming at Stanford University (CS 426 / BMI 226) in Winter 1998 quarter.

This volume is in the Mathematics and Computer Science Library in the Main Quad at Stanford University.

These papers are available in book form from the Stanford University Bookstore by calling 650-329-1217 or 800-533-2670 or by writing Stanford Bookstore, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305-3079 USA. The E-Mail address of the bookstore for mail orders is  Be sure to refer to "Custom Publishing" when ordering these items to avoid confusion and to mention the ISBN number (or Stanford Bookstore order number), the exact title.


Learning a Bayesian Network from Data Samples Using Genetic Programming by Barbara Engelhardt




Design of an Adaptive Detector for Digital Communications using Genetic Programming by John L. Fan




Reynolds Numbers: Using Genetic Programming and Vite to find Formulas to Describe Organizations by William R. Hewlett




Evolving Communication using Genetic Programming in the Central-Place Foraging Problem by Ryan Houlette




Solving Coding Problems in Genetic Algorithms by Brett D. Kurtin



Applying Genetic Algorithm and Vector Quantization to Neurointerface Training by Marcelo M. Lamego




Genetically Solving a Rubik's Cube by Kian Fai Leong



Solving the Rubik's Cube Using Genetic Programming by Richard Liu



Genetically-Evolved Mastermind Strategy: A Self-Simplifying Symbolic Approach to Reinforcement Learning by Paul C. K. Lo




Comparing the Evaluation of Antiderivatives of Complex Functions with Cartesian versus Polar Representations via Genetic Programming by Peter J. Lorenzen




Search the Model Parameters of the Articulatory Singing Voice Synthesizer via Genetic Programming by Hui-Ling Lu




Genetic Design of an Artificial Intelligence to Play the Classic Game of Battleship by Michael Mysinger




The Evolution of Relational Memory Models and the Emergence of Distinct Long-term and Short-term Memories by Uri Nodelman




Formulating Proofs in Universal Algebra Model with Genetic Programming by Nathan Oestreich




Compression by Genetic Algorithm by Adam Pingel



Evolving a Program to Play the Game Minesweeper by Chris Quartetti



Discovery of Hunting, Escaping, Eating and Food Saving Techniques in an Artificial World by means of a Genetic Programming Algorithm by Andres Rodriguez




A Genetically Programmed Tone Recognizer by Kumaran Santhanam



Designing Digital Adder Structures Through the Use of Genetic Programming by Pradeep Sen





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