Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming at Stanford 1997

(Book of Student Papers from John Koza's Course at Stanford on Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming)

This page contains links to PDF files for the papers written by students describing their term projects in John Koza’s course on genetic algorithms and genetic programming at Stanford University (CS 426 / BMI 226) in Winter 1997 quarter.

This volume is in the Mathematics and Computer Science Library in the Main Quad at Stanford University.

These papers are available in book form from the Stanford University Bookstore by calling 650-329-1217 or 800-533-2670 or by writing Stanford Bookstore, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305-3079 USA. The E-Mail address of the bookstore for mail orders is  Be sure to refer to "Custom Publishing" when ordering these items to avoid confusion and to mention the ISBN number (or Stanford Bookstore order number), the exact title.


Evolving Light Cycle Algorithms by Ilja Bedner


Solving the 8-Puzzle with Genetic Programming by Thai Bui


Recognizing Poker Hands with Genetic Programming and Restricted Iteration by Cleve Cheng



Automatic Model Construction for Time Series Analysis via Genetic Algorithm by Prisdha Dharma



Musings on Syncopation and Machines by Michael J. Ebstyne


Genetic Algorithms and Incremental Learning by Jacob Eisenstein


The Use of Program State by a Genetic Program to Track a Moving Target by John Flight



The Deceptive Problem of Rational Trading and Negotiation Strategies in Artificial Economic Communities by Erik D Flister



A Genetic Algorithm Solution to the Project Selection Problem Using Static and Dynamic Fitness Functions by Jaysen Gillespie



Learning Bayesian Networks Using a Genetic Algorithm by Vilhelm Heiberg


Genetic Evolution of Shape-Altering Programs for Supersonic Aerodynamics by Robert A. Kennelly, Jr.



Solving the Art Gallery Problem via Genetic Programming by Chirag D. Khopkar



Evolution of a State-Evaluation Function for the Game of Nim via Genetic Programming by Peter S. Kim



Genetic Optimization of Large Join Queries by Tirthankar Lahiri


An Attempt to Determine Molecular Structure via Genetic Algorithms by K. John McConnell



Preventing Overfitting of Evolved Neural Networks by Graham Miller


Using Co-Evolution to Produce Robust Robot Control by Greg McNutt


Discovery by Genetic Programming of Empirical Macroeconomic Models by William Mydlowec



Improving the Crossover Operator in Genetic Algorithms and Applications in Optimal Conference Room Booking by Khanh V. Nguyen



Evolution of a Sailboat Piloting Algorithm using Genetic Programming by Douglas N. Poland



The Evolution of Data Representation Through Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms by Oscar Stiffelman



Automatic Pronunciation Generation from Orthography using Genetic Programming by Remco Teunen



A Program to Decode Morse Code Developed with a Genetic Programming Technique by David Ward



Finding an Optimal Blackjack Strategy using Genetic Algorithm by Yeogirl Yun



Appendix containing materials about the course




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