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Last updated October 15, 2003

Genetic Programming (GP) E-Mail List

An unmoderated mailing list on genetic programming has been established at Yahoo.

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EC-Digest (formerly the GA-Digest) E-Mail List

A moderated electronic mail mailing list on genetic algorithms is available. This mailing list has especially thorough coverage of Call For Papers and announcements of upcoming conferences in the entire field of genetic and evolutionary computation.  Visit

You can access back issues, GA code, conference announcements, etc., either through the WWW at or through anonymous ftp at in /pub/galist

Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) E-Mail List

ACO is a moderated e-mail listing. Send subscription requests to with subject: "subscription"

· The home page of Genetic Programming Inc. at

· For information about the field of genetic programming in general, visit

· The home page of John R. Koza at Genetic Programming Inc. (including online versions of most papers) and the home page of John R. Koza at Stanford University

· For information about John Koza’s course on genetic algorithms and genetic programming at Stanford University

· Information about the 1992 book Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection, the 1994 book Genetic Programming II: Automatic Discovery of Reusable Programs, the 1999 book Genetic Programming III: Darwinian Invention and Problem Solving, and the 2003 book Genetic Programming IV: Routine Human-Competitive Machine Intelligence. Click here to read chapter 1 of Genetic Programming IV book in PDF format.

· For information on 3,198 papers (many on-line) on genetic programming (as of June 27, 2003) by over 900 authors, see William Langdon’s bibliography on genetic programming.

· For information on the Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines journal published by Kluwer Academic Publishers

· For information on the Genetic Programming book series from Kluwer Academic Publishers, see the Call For Book Proposals

· For information about the annual Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (GECCO) conference (which includes the annual GP conference) to be held on June 26–30, 2004 (Saturday – Wednesday) in Seattle and its sponsoring organization, the International Society for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (ISGEC). For information about the annual Euro-Genetic-Programming Conference to be held on April 5-7, 2004 (Monday – Wednesday) at the University of Coimbra in Coimbra Portugal. For information about the 2003 and 2004 Genetic Programming Theory and Practice (GPTP) workshops held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. For information about the annual NASA/DoD Conference on Evolvable Hardware Conference (EH) to be held on June 24-26 (Thursday-Saturday), 2004 in Seattle.