The GP-98 book of Late-Breaking Paper may be cited as follows:

Smith, John A. 1998. Closed-form solution for quintic equations using genetic programming. In Koza, John R. (editor). Late Breaking Papers at the Genetic Programming 1997 Conference,University of Wisconsin, July 22­p;25, 1998. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Bookstore.

Application of Genetic Programming to the Choice of a Structure of Global Approximations
Luis F. Alvarez and Vassili V. Toropov

Dynamic Systems Identification: A Comparitive Study
Farooq Azam and H.F. VanLandingham

Dynamic Systems Identification using Genetic Programming
Farooq Azam and H.F. VanLandingham

Micro Genetic Algorithms in Finding the Optimal Frequency for

Stabilizing Atoms by High-intensity Laser Fields
Danny Barash, Ann Orel and V. Rao Vemuri

Toward Code Evolution By Artificial Economies
Eric B. Baum, Igor Durdanovic

Using Adaptive Agents to Study Bilateral Contracts and Trade Networks
Mona T. Bisat, Charles W. Richter, Gerald B. Sheble

Modeling the Behaviour of Interacting Autonomous Intelligent Agents
J.J. Collins

Deleting End-of-Sequence Classifiers
Daniel Derrig and James Johannes

Expressing Evolutionary Computation, Genetic Programming, Artificial Life, Autonomous Agents and DNA-Based Computing in $-Calculus
Eugene Eberbach

Generating Class Descriptions of Four Bar Linkages
Aniko Ekart

A Genetic Algorithm for Discovering Knowledge Nuggets
Alex A. Freitas, DAINF

The XCS Classifier System and Q-learning
Leeann L. Fu

A Study of Parallel Cooperative Classifier Systems
Antonella Giani

Addressed-Array Approach to DNA Computation Readout through UV Photopatterning
S.D. Gillmor, Q. Liu, L. Wang, C.E. Jordan, A.G. Frutos, A.J. Theil, T.C. Stother, A.E. Condon, R.M. Corn, L.M. Smith, M.G. Lagally

Optimal Placement of Distributed Iterrelated Data Components using Genetic Algorithms
Jonathan M. Graham

Byte Code Genetic Programming
Brad Harvey, James A. Foster, Deborah Frincke

Why Genetic Programming for solution of partial differential equations?
Daniel Howard

Target Detection in SAR Imagery by Genetic Programming
Daniel Howard, Simon C. Roberts, Richard Brankin

Basic Properties of Attribute Grammar Encoding
Talib S. Hussain and Roger A. Browse

A Revised Perspective on the Evaluation of IT/IS Investments using an Evolutionary Approach
Zahir Irani and Amir M. Sharif

Automatic Parallelization of Loops in Sequential Programs using Genetic Programming
Laur Ivan

An Evolutionary Approach to Optimal Structuring Element Extraction for MST-Based Shapes Description
Tianzi Jiang

Coevolutionary Arms Race Improves Generalization
Hugues Juille and Jordan Pollack

The Maximum Weight Parameter in a Weight-Coded GA for TSP
Bryant A. Julstrom

CAD Surface Reconstruction from Digitized 3D Point Data with Genetic Programming
Robert E. Keller, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Klaus Weinert and Jorn Mehnen

Evolutionary Higher-Order Concept Learning
Claire J. Kennedy

A Parallel Genetic Algorithm to Evolve VLSI Circuits
Kevin Kerr

Avoiding Two-Bit Crossovers in Genetic Programming
Matthew W. Kessler

Exploring the Possibilites and Restrictions of Genetic Programming in Java Bytecode
Stefan Klahold, Steffen Frank, Robert E. Keller, Wolfgang Banzhaf

Boolean Functions Fitness Spaces
W.B. Langdon and R. Poli

Solving Problems of Bounded Difficulty Using Genetic Algorithms
Fernando Lobo

Induction of Java Bytecode with Genetic Programming
Eduard Lukschandl, Magnus Holmlund, Eric Moden, Mats Nordahl, Peter Nordin

GRaCCE: A Genetic Environment for Data Mining
Robert E. Marmelstein
Evolving Compact Decision Rule Sets
Robert E. Marmelstein and Gary B. Lamont

Genetic Programming with Least Squares for Fast, Precise Modeling of Polynomial Time Series
Trent McConaghy and Henry Leung

Evolutionary Computation in Bayesian Networks
Ole Mengshoel

An Agent-Oriented, Massively Distributed Parallelization Model of Evolutionary Algorithms
Phaderm Nangsue and Susan E. Conry

AIMGP: A Formal Description
Peter Nordin

Time Series Prediction by Genetic Programming
Makoto Numata, Ken Sugawara, Ikuo Yoshihara, Kenichi Abe

Grammatical Evolution: A Steady State approach
Conor Ryan and Michael O'Neill

Seeding a genetic population for mesh optimisation and evaluation
Amir M. Sharif and Anthony N. Barrett

A New Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
Leyuan Shi and Sigurdur Olafsson

ECG Classifier System Using Artificial Neural Networks
S. Sivathasan, W. Balachandran, F. Cecelja

Introns and The Replication Accuracy Force
Peter W.H. Smith

A Split and Pool Approach to the Synthesis of Combinational Oligonucleotide Mixtures for DNA Computing
Todd Strother, Anthony G. Frutos, Qinghua Liu, Liman Wang, Susan D. Gillmor, Anne Condon, Robert M. Corn, Max G. Lagally, Lloyd M. Smith

Genetic Programming Applied to the Rapid Spectroscopic Analysis of Biological Samples
Janet Taylor, Jem Rowland and Douglas Kell

Concurrent Genetic Programming and the Tartarus Problem Revisited
Adrian Trenaman

Evolutionary Computation and Convergence to a Pareto Front
David A. Van Veldhuizen and Gary B. Lamont

Generalized Instant Insanity: A GA-Difficult Problem
Robert W. Walsh and Bryant A. Julstrom

Surface-Based DNA Computing Operations: DESTROY and READOUT
Liman Wang, Qinghua Liu, Anthony G. Frutos, Susan D. Gillmor, Andrew J. Thiel, Todd C. Strother, Anne E. Condon, Robert M. Corn, Max G. Lagally, Lloyd M. Smith

Modeling Building-Block Interdependency
Richard A. Watson, Gregory S. Hornby, Jordan B. Pollack

Genetic Programming Learning and the Overlapping Generations Models
Chia Hsuan Yeh

Methods to Evolve Legal Phenotypes
Tina Yu and Peter Bentley

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