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Genetic Programming 1998 Conference

July 22 - 25 (Wednesday - Saturday), 1998

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin USA

DEADLINE: Wednesday, October 1, 1997

This is a solicitation for proposals for tutorials for the GP-98 conference to be held on July 22 - 25 (Wednesday - Saturday), 1998 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin.

The goal of a tutorial at the conference is to provide a road map (for beginners or advanced attendees) about a subject area so that attendees can then pursue work in that area if they are so inclined. Generally, tutorials emphasize breadth, rather than depth. Generally, tutorials should cover material from a variety of different authors. However, there are exceptions (e.g., David Andre's tutorial on Frederic Gruau's cellular encoding at GP-96 covered one technique by one author). A common (but not necessary) approach is to work through one example in great detail and then quickly cover many related areas.

The conference STRONGLY ENCOURAGES proposals containing NEW ideas and NEW approaches.

There have been three kinds of tutorials in the past:
The conference STRONGLY ENCOURAGES proposals on NEW subjects. For example, it might be interesting to have a tutorial on artificial life, parallel computing, complex systems, ECHO, Tierra, cellular automata, specific application areas, clusters of workstations, statistical testing methods, etc.

Most tutorials in the past have had one tutorial speaker and have run for two hours. Tutorials covering 4 hours may be proposed (preferably with at least one half being a stand-alone segment). Since attendance at tutorials is part of the attendee's conference fee, attendance at tutorials tends to range from about 40 to 125, depending on topic.

Tutorial subjects can be repeated from year to year if there appears to be continuing interest.

Each tutorial must contain a bibliography so the attendee can pursue the subject if he is so inclined.

The tutorials will be given during various yet-to-be-determined slots of time somewhere between Wednesday and Saturday. Since GP-98 is adjacent to AAAI-98 (July 26 - 30, 1998 in Madison), we are considering having some tutorials on the last day of GP-98 (Saturday July 25) in order to attract AAAI-98 attendees. Ideas from people presenting tutorials are invited.

There are five major preparatory steps for having a tutorial at GP-98: Please send you tutorial proposals to by the deadline date above.

Tutorial speakers have four obligations. The available audio/visual support for tutorials consists of overhead transparency projector and, if requested by Wednesday April 29, 1998, a VHS NTSC video tape player. The conference cannot provide more elaborate audio/visual requirements, such as computers.

The conference compensates tutorial speakers with a flat-rate fixed honorarium that is paid by check at the conference. If a tutorial has two speakers, the honorarium is split between the two speakers. The amounts that will be offered are yet to be determined, will depend on the number of acceptable proposals, and will probably follow a different formula form the past (since we will not have access to so large a contingent of local, lower-paid tutorial speakers).

Tutorial speakers are reminded that GP-98 is adjacent to AAAI-98 and several other conferences in Madison that have tutorials. Some topics may be suitable (with or without modification) for presentation at more than one conference. Proposers should check the WWW page of each particular conference for details. Click here for American Association for Artificial Intelligence.

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