The GP-97 Conference Proceedings Book is available directly from Morgan Kaufmann Publishers

The peer-reviewed proceedings book (542 pages) for the Genetic Programming 1997 Conference (GP-97) held on July 13 -16, 1997 at Stanford University is published by Morgan Kaufman Publishers. These proceedings contain 39 long papers, 31 short papers, and 15 poster papers that were selected by a peer review process.

The ISBN number is 1-55860-483-9.

This book may be purchased for $74.95 plus shipping and handling charges and applicable sales tax from
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
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A citation for this book is...
Koza, John R., Deb, Kalyanmoy, Dorigo, Marco, Fogel, David B., Garzon, Max, Iba, Hitoshi, and Riolo, Rick L. (editors). 1997. Genetic Programming 1997: Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference, July 13­p;16, 1997, Stanford University. San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufmann.

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